While searching for a cogent discourse on the Wilsonian concept of democracy and human rights I came across this cool beheading video…

Let’s face it, the Internet is a regular Chuckie Cheese of Perversion for creeps and geeks looking for porn, forbidden pictures, fetishes, and anything else that gets their motor running. You know it, I know it, even Rick Santorum knows it (check out hotdalmations.com). So it takes a special kind of dumb to discover that people are jumping all over the internet searching for the Nick Berg death video and interpret that to mean, “See? People care more about Berg than Abu Ghraib or the war in Iraq or if Britney will quit smoking or not.” But when it comes to that special kind of dumb,well, welcome to the Great American Dumbfest.

Meanwhile, when the Berg story does get attention, they don’t like what it tells them.

I just listened to the CBS news on the local CBS radio affiliate. Amazing. Here, is an accurate but abbreviated form is CBS’s report: Item one: Rumsfeld in Iraq-because of the “growing” outrage over the prison photos. Item two: Kerry called and spoke with Berg’s family. Item two: Berg’s family is blaming “the Bush administration” for his death. I’m not making this up. CBS managed to place everything at the feet of George Bush. They even turned Nick Berg’s death into an opportunity to make Kerry look good and a reason to bash Bush. Simply amazing.

I teach writing and critical analysis. One of the first things I teach is that writing is an intentional act. Words don’t just happen. Neither do news reports.

Hey! Dammit! He’s our martyr!!!

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