Conservatives are criminals – P. Noonan

Let’s start with the fun quote:

This being “The Sopranos,” signaled plot twists are usually head fakes–we haven’t seen the Essex County prosecutor in a while–but it makes sense. Because Tony wants to get away from Port Newark. He thinks the world has reached some terrible critical mass. He’ll probably soon start talking about cloning. Being a mobster he would be a particular kind of conservative–aware of the bottom line, free of illusions about who human beings are, open in his own sick way to the idea of God, or at least the practical benefits to society of others believing in God–and would immediately intuit what cloning is. At least until A.J. needs a new kidney.(my emphasis)

Now here is a wrap-up of what Our Lady of the Dolphins has to say this week:

The Sopranos
Her “inner fears…echoed in the outer culture”
The Port of Newark
The Roman Catholic Church
John Kerry
Why “happiness is a cat”
The strong thighs and six-pack abs of a NY fireman named “Dirk”*
The Sopranos (again)
A hard rain is gonna fall
Where’s the Daddy state when you need it.

All in all, it reads like a public service announcement for Adult ADHD

*Okay. I made that one up.

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