All the more depressing when one considers that fact that Tim Graham has a job and you don’t.

Tim Graham thinks that Bob Freeland should just quit his whining:

Get a load of ABC’s Betsy Stark trying to talk down the happiness over job-growth numbers by cherry-picking isolated bad news Friday night: “Nine states still have unemployment rates of six percent or higher. And nine of the nation’s ten largest metropolitan areas have fewer jobs today than they did three years ago when the recession began. Economists also estimate there are millions of underemployed workers like Bob Freeland. After losing the position he had at Goodyear for 33 years, he now has an ad agency job that pays him 75 percent less.”

In Tim Graham’s world, this is progress.

In my world, Freeland would track Graham down and kick his flabby white ass until he’s a greasy smear on the sidewalk. I admit, that would be wrong. But I would still enjoy knowing that it happened.

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