One of these civilizations is not like the others

Ted Rall:

Worth noting, as another week of horrifying revelations of torture in American gulags in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and here in der Homeland, is an interesting comparison.

Escaped hostage Thomas Hamill reports having been well treated, fed and “watered” throughout his captivity by Iraqi insurgents. At no time was he tortured; except for the captivity itself–admittedly terrifying–he was just fine.

Pfc. Jessica Lynch, despite spun Pentagon reports at the time, has also repeatedly said she was well treated, even given medical care in priority to Iraqis, by Iraqi doctors in a hospital during the war.

In other words, our treatment of POWs compares unfavorably with that given kidnapping victims and prisoners of both Saddam Hussein and the current Iraqi resistance movement.

[Start singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” now.]

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