It’s late, I’m tired, and you aren’t going to get an America’s Worst Mother&#153 reading this week mainly because it’s boring with the exception of little Beowolf intoning:

Paris puts his hand on his heart: “We will tidy everything up — ”

..reminiscent of a certain Simpson’s character.

Shorter Meghan Gurdon is:

My children have imagination. I’m a writer and I don’t. Go figure.

Getting back to the above “Jeebus”.

Can anything be worse, has America ever looked so bad, over what has happened in Abu Ghraib? Do any of the people from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Sec. Donald Rumsfeld have any honor at all? What exactly do you have to do, or not do, to get fired in this Administration? And that includes Tenet and Rice.

To call them the Worst Administration Ever is to understate.

And, for the first time in over three years, I’m glad that Al Gore was robbed of the presidency so that the nation and the party aren’t represented by this insufferable twit.

Where is someone with a pie when you need them?

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