“Hi. We’re Republicans. We’ll be setting up camp in your womb. Don’t mind us.”

Apparently 23 out of 27 doctors can be wrong…if the pecksniffs say so:

Federal drug regulators yesterday rejected a drug maker’s application to sell a morning-after pill over the counter because of concerns about whether young girls would be able to use it safely.

The Food and Drug Administration told the pill’s maker, Barr Pharmaceuticals, that before the drug could be sold without a prescription the company must either find a way to prevent young teenagers from getting it from store shelves or prove, in a new study, that young girls can understand how to use it without the help of a doctor. Company executives expressed confidence that they could clear those hurdles, although it was unclear how long that would take. The decision was a surprise because in December, a panel of independent experts assembled by the Food and Drug Administration voted 23 to 4 to recommend that the drug be sold over the counter. The majority concluded that the drug was not only effective but that women could be trusted to use it correctly without a doctor. The Food and Drug Administration normally follows the recommendation of its advisory panels.

Now go out and have a baby for Jesus.

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