While not “strategically idiotic”, it’s pretty damn idiotic all the same.

Jeff Jarvis, whose claim to fame seems to be that he wrote TV reviews for TV Guide and People magazine (putting him in the same league as someone who writes Bazooka Joe comics) puts the whole Iraqi prison scandal into a bite-sized, no-calorie, morsel of moral equivalency that seems just about right for the kind of person who considers an article in People magazine as “reading”:

And let me say something quite unpopular and throw just a little perspective into the Iraqi prison scandal. I’ll repeat: What happened there was wrong and strategically idiotic and does not reflect either American ideals or American aims for the region. However, let’s remember that this is a war; the people being interrogated were likely suspected in movements to bring more violence upon not only American soldiers but also the Iraqi people. The means were wrong but the end was right: Bringing peace to Iraq and protecting its people. And was the “torture” all that shocking? Hell, watch an episode of Oz and compare.

After all, those people wouldn’t be in the prison if they weren’t guilty, would they? Well? Would they?

Someone needs to point out to Jarvis that the Iraqi war isn’t a TV show that runs for 42 minutes and manages to wrap up right before the credits roll., and none of the characters who died in this weeks episode will return next week because “it was only a dream”.

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