Now there’s something you don’t see every day… Thank the imaginary deity of your choice.

As appalling as the Abu Ghraib prison pictures are, there are other pictures that are so horrific that they can invade your dreams as well as haunt your waking hours. For those who believe in a merciful God, they are a blow against faith. For those who have no God, they can make you wish there was one to work His swift harsh justice.

This is not for the squeamish. Maybe you don’t want to look at this at work. Maybe not even at home. Definitely not an Internet cafe or Starbucks. I’m warning you. I’m not kidding around here. Consider yourself warned. Ooooo, boy. This is bad.

James Lilekson vacation…in a speedo.

I don’t feel completely ridiculous in my swimsuit. Close, though. I walk hunched over a little. At least it’s not the smallest on the beach – that honor goes to a Spanish gentleman wearing a 14 pt. comma – and at least I don’t look as though I’m carrying a bratwurst around for later. This is not a beach frequented by the liposuctioned, the self-denying, the aesthetics, the aerobically pure. On the contrary. Oddly enough, the more generous the physique, the smaller the suit. Just now a woman walked by – good Lord, paps like mail sacks, thighs like storm drains; she’s holding a tube of Pringles potato chips in each hand like totems to ward off weight loss. One look around the pool and you can be disabused of the notion that Western paradigms of body styles has driven millions to hide themselves in shame. No shame here, and good for them.

The horror…the horror…..

This ought to make Andy Sullivan straighter than Rick Santorum glancing through the JC Penneys underwear ads….

(Thanks to reader O…I think)

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