About all I’m going to say about this….

Freedom’s just another word for forcing prisoners into simulated sex acts.

According to the Professor, this wouldn’t be so bad if CNN had only told us about the people that Saddam had tortured.

I see he’s teaching Moral Equivalency 101 this semester.

Getting back to the pictures.

We never had much chance to win the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq. We showed up uninvited on their doorstep hoping to take them on a Magical Democracy Tour. But instead we ended up crapping in bag, setting it on fire, and leaving it on their porch.

Congratulations George Bush. How many Bin Ladens have you made this past year?

(Added): Peggy is shocked, disheartened, and dismayed. But even when we are being bad, the fact that we can talk about it must mean that we are really good instead of being bad like the pictures show, the showing of which is good, by the way, and, well…..

You do reveal something about yourself by telling uncomfortable truths. You reveal good faith. You reveal that you’re trying to get it right. This is not so terrible. It is something the dim might miss, but the intelligent are likely to get. And God bless this earth, there are a lot of intelligent people.

The president said of the U.S. on Arab TV that “we have nothing to hide.” He no doubt meant there are things that we would wish to hide, but that we refuse to.

Oh. And a woman was involved. Peggy thinks that’s a really bad thing:

But let’s not get too optimistic. The most distressing of the scandal photos is, to me, the one of an American woman, a GI, who is laughing, holding a cigarette and aiming her fingers as if comically shooting or aiming at a group of prisoners, presumably Iraqi. They are naked and hooded. She looks coarse, cruel, perhaps drunk. And as I looked at her I thought Oh, no. This is not equality but mutual degradation. Can anyone imagine a WAC of 1945, or a WAVE of 1965, acting in this manner? I can’t. Because WACs and WAVEs were not only members of the American armed forces, which responsibility brought its own demands in terms of dignity and bearing; they were women. They apparently did not think they had to prove they were men, or men at their worst.

You see, back then, women were more like women just like “Our press corps in those days was more like Americans than our press corps is today.” You know? Just like Betty Grable in A Yank in the RAF which may as well be a historical document in the lonely life of Peggy Noonan.

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