No. It’s the LA Times. Not the Washington Times. You know… a real newspaper…

Hugh Hewitt, who writes a column for WorldNet Daily (which is about all you need to know about him) has some suggestions for new La Times Editorial Editor Michael Kinsley:

First, hire Roger L. Simon as a weekly columnist. Do the same with Dennis Prager. Two Angelenos with broad folllowings, writing talent, and deep knowledge on issues that matter assure you of some familiar faces from around town and a finger on the pulse of the west.

You need to entice Patt Morrison to add a column a week. Patt’s from the land of the far left, but she can write, and she’ll keep LA’s hard left happy. Ink Estrich as well, as Susan is another local with zing.

My colleague in the talk radio business, Laura Ingrahm, should be a regular as well, as there aren’t many former United States Supreme Court clerks from the right with nationally syndicated radio shows on which they will almost certainly discuss their Los Angeles Times’ column. Want traffic? Hire Laura.

Keep Max Boot, the only reason I presently check your page. And grab Lileks’ column from Newhouse, and perhaps even dedicate a weekly space to a guest columnist from the ranks of the bloggers. Give us Krauthammer and Will on a regular basis. If you can re-teach Mickey to write in complete sentences, bring him in as well.

For those keeping score at home, that’s Roger Simon (who’s a nice guy, but basically a mystery writer), Dennis Prager (who is the rightwing’s answer to Humbert Humbert), fashionista Patt Morrison (anyone else getting a Devo vibe?), Fox Commentator/Faux Democrat Susan Estrich, ignorant slut Laura Ingraham, James Lileks (make your own joke…really. It’s sooo easy), dyspeptic crank psychologist Charles Krauthammer, and George “Axiomatic” Will.

That’s not an editorial page, that’s an ensemble cast for a sitcom.

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