Goddammit. I’m Mickey Kaus and I don’t have time to actually research anything I read in a Drudge headline before I write something!

Black holes don’t suck as badly as Mickey sucks at being a journalist:

Let me get this straight. Gore lost the 2000 election by, like, 17 votes and he had $6 million sitting in a bank? Couldn’t he have done something with that money that would have put him over the top? [Thanks to reader B.B.] … Q: What would be fitting punishment? A: Making Gore donate the money to help elect a guy he can’t stand! … Nevermind? From knowledgeable reader M:

Gore’s $6 million was in his GELAC — General Election Legal Compliance Fund. It’s used for legal compliance only. He couldn’t have used to, say, contest Ohio and Tennessee. The money was directly raised for — and could only be spent on — lawyer-type stuff…proving that donors exist…that type of stuff.

Couldn’t he have transferred the funds somehow–e.g. gotten the donors that gave to this fund to give to another fund that could have been used to, say, get out the vote in close states (maybe by giving the donors back their money–once it was clear it wouldn’t be needed–with a ‘suggestion’ on where to send it instead)? …

Couldn’t Mickey have spent five minutes looking into this before posting?

Actually, no. So, after being called out, he changes the subject. Mickey ought to take his Slate check and send it to knowledgeable reader M.

Then he ought to try working for a living.

Yeah. That’ll happen.

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