Defining “babe” down…..

It goes without saying that making fun of people’s looks is inherently wrong (with the exception of making fun of James Lileks’ looks, in which case, it should be the National Pastime, with fantasy leagues and everything). It lowers the level of discourse, it debases both the commenter, the reader, and the object of derision, and it is not the type of behavior that a civil society should find acceptable. It is the last refuge of a shallow person who is unable to reasonably articulate a position.

Okay. I don’t believe any of that either. So let’s go have some fun.

In my mucking about in various rightwing sites I came across IMAO, a site I had never seen nor heard of until today. Along with some French jokes which always a hoot around the Slim Jim barrel, it appears that they are having a IMAO T-Shirt Babe contest.

It’s finally here! Here are twenty contestant(sic), and I think we have a good mix of young’ns and more experienced babes. I almost wish we could pick more than one, but someone has to be the IMAO T-Shirt Babe, get all the IMAO t-shirts, and, upon modeling them, one hundred dollars cash and a hundred dollar shopping spree at ThoseShirts.com. Because of the great turnout, second and third places winners will also get a t-shirt, plus I’ll try to think of a little something to give all the contestants as thanks for competing.

Now in all fairness (to me) these young and more “more experienced babes” posed for and submited their own pictures for consideration. They have voluntarily put themselves out there to be judged, and, well let’s face it, you don’t get much more judgemental than me. Herewith is a sampling of the fair, the formerly cute, and the “Low carb diet doesn’t mean you eat the whole goddamned cow” babe. :

First there is the Pat Buchanan “Come hither, you little gropenfurher” look.

Then there is the “Democrats are dumb and I have a big ass” look accessorized with a sweat-band and choker.

For those who were wondering, here is where Paula Jones’ nose ended up.

The “When I lose twenty more pounds my boyfriend is going to shoot me on the hood of his Firebird for an amateur porn site” look.

The “Fanny pack pretty much says it all” style.

The “No. It’s not a demented look. I’m being coy. Jesus. You’re so obtuse” look.

Submitted without comment

The “Michelle Malkin would deport me if she could” look.

and finally, the “War is sexy…but no matter how hard I try, I’m not” look.

I have to go now.

My eyeballs feel dirty.

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