Some have the talent and some don’t, I guess…

Remember this?:

Stanford colleagues, who remember provost Rice during controversies over affirmative action and minority hiring, have seen her steely side coming to the fore in the current controversy. A telling moment came last month when reporters asked her about Clarke’s charge that during a briefing shortly after Bush’s election he could tell by her expression that she had never heard of al Qaeda.

Rice’s reply to reporters was a deft, understated, stiletto thrust: “I find it peculiar that Dick Clarke is sitting there reading my body language. I guess that — I didn’t know he was good at that, too.”


The president said he felt the testimony “helped them understand how I think … and how we run the White House.”

Asked about critics who claim he and the vice president wanted to testify together in order to present the same story, the president responded: “Look, if we had something to hide we wouldn’t have met with them in the first place.”

“It was important for them to see our body language, how we work together,” he added.

Getting beyond the fact that body language reading has just been given it’s imprimatur by the Two-Headed Committe Witness, what is up with the “how we work together” comment. He does know that this is an investigation into 9/11, and not a tryout for the US Ice Dancing pairs competition, doesn’t he?

Maybe he was confused by all the spinning he and Dick did….

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