In the future, everyone will be ignorant of the world like Lileks…

I hadn’t checked in on old “F-Bomb” Lileks lately. He didn’t disappoint:

Boring stuff ahead, but there’s a treat at the end.

Ah, Fallujah. Peaceful, verdant Fallujah. City of Gardens. City of Perfumed Alleys, the Mesopotamian Eden. One day a quiet happy burg of peace, the next a victim of American overbearance. From the Boston Globe, a lede by Thanassis Cambanis:

U.S. warplanes fired on Iraqi insurgents Tuesday in Fallujah in strikes that shattered a fragile cease-fire negotiated over a week ago.

Got that? We had a nice cease-fire going, and for no reason U.S. warplanes went and shattered it without provocation. I just stopped reading right there.

In the future, I think, newspapers will become almost entirely devoted to local news and happy fluff, like me. I depend on my paper for local news, because I don’t watch TV news.

Besides, the local paper always has those great ads from Target for shampoo at 30% off. You know, the big 64 oz. bottles. For Jim, that’s like a years supply.

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