Mickey’s my name…stalking’s my game

Is there anything more pathetic than the Kerry Obsessive Disorder&#153 exhibited by Mickey Kaus? No trivial detail about Kerry, no obscure comment about Kerry from Joe “Used To Be A Democrat” at Doublewide & Proud of It Blog, and no reader comment commending Mickey Hack on his dogged pursuit of Kerry is beneath his bottom-dwelling sonar. It used to be that Kaus was just a poor little rich boy from Beverly Hills who made a living off of hating people on welfare who didn’t have the drive to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and be born into the Lucky Sperm Club like himself. Now he sniffs around the Kerry Estate garbage cans and pulls out Snapple bottles going, “Ooooo. Raspberry-flavored. How very French!”

Here’s Mick’s latest:

Where Kerry Slept: John Kerry didn’t throw his own medals over the wall in that 1971 antiwar protest and he didn’t sleep on the Mall with his Viet Vet buddies either. He snuck off and slept in a Georgetown townhouse.

Microsoft actually pays him for stuff like this.

The guy makes Margaret Ray look a mental-health poster child.

At least the embarassment of having Mickey writing for Slate made Michael Kinsley leave for a better job.

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