That low regard for the Fourth Estate does not apply to us. We’re America’s newspaper, you know-ed

Spin so forceful it took two days to write and it still almost flies off the page:

The president, who understands very well that Americans are divided right now over the best strategy for achieving victory in Iraq, did not filibuster. Nor did he attempt to deliver some empty, feel-good speech, or play the gotcha game — coming up with some phony confession of incompetence. As a result, frustrated members of the press now say the president is just stubborn and suggest that his unwillingness to admit failure is evidence of a personality defect. But given the low regard in which the Fourth Estate is held by the American people, Mr. Bush shouldn’t worry too much.

An admission by Bush of incompetence would be the first time that he has told the American public the truth since before he announced his intention to run for President.

The Times does admit that Mumbles The Speechifying Clown failed to make his case:

Instead of playing the media’s game, he offered a sober-minded assessment of the challenges that lie ahead for the allied coalition. As the president made clear, there would be serious consequences if the United States failed to follow through on its promise to bring stability and self-government to Iraq. Mr. Bush did a solid job of explaining what is at stake in Iraq, pointing to the connection between the Iraqi insurgency and outside terrorist groups.


Given the reality that Americans are polarized over the conduct of the war, Mr. Bush’s speech and subsequent performance at the press conference probably will not change many minds. Rather, they will solidify support among wavering backers of the president.

If his cause is just (and can’t you just see him using exactly those words when speaking at the South Carolina Christian Contractors Association Prayer Breakfast and Abstinence Festival?) then shouldn’t he have been able to change at least a few people’s minds? I mean, if you’re going to bump American Idol off the air…

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