Memo to Andy: Ditto

Sullivan makes an apology of sorts to Captain James J. Yee:

Very few incidents have made me as angry as the disgraceful, foul and malicious attempt by the U.S. military to accuse Captain Janes(sic) J. Yee, the Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, of treason and espionage. They had no solid evidence, but, at the time, I worried that the story might be true. I feel terrible for leaping to that tentative conclusion. But it got worse. When the espionage charges fell apart, the military then tried to frame Yee for adultery and for downloading porn from the Internet, dragging his family into the entire affair. It recalled to me the way the military trashes and defames the lives of honorable gay servicemembers. Yesterday, all the charges were dropped.

You see, Andy feels bad because it reminds him of how gay servicemembers are treated which is what truly offends him. I imagine that Yee’s response to Sullivan might be similar to what Sullivan had to say to Osama in the post above his Yee comments.

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