More help on the way for Penis-Americans.

Penis talk that you won’t find at Wonkette:

New Erectile Dysfunction Ad Is Blunt

She asks in a sultry voice if you want to know a secret. And when she spills the beans, she is quite explicit. The latest ad for an erectile dysfunction treatment is taking the battle for dominance in the $2 billion market up a notch with its frank description of the medicine’s purpose.

The Levitra ad, slated to begin airing Thursday, features an attractive brunette saying the drug improves erection quality and how that experience increases her partner’s desire to “do this more often.”

“For him Levitra works – just look at that smile,” she purrs.

First of all, exactly what kind of guy (outside of Karen Hughes’ husband) doesn’t want to do “this” more often?

And shouldn’t that headline have read:

New Erectile Dysfunction Ad Is Straightforward

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