Leading us to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good pl—pl—pl— C’mon. You can say it….

Professor Reynolds provides us with the inadvertent WTF? of the evening:

“Kos and Atrios are fighting the last war. The issue for the Democrats should be that Bush has mismanaged Iraq, not that we shouldn’t have invaded in the first place.”

That’s certainly what the Democrats should be arguing — except that then they’d have to come up with a plan. Despite Ed’s urgings, Kerry has shown no sign of one beyond obviously empty platitudes about “more international cooperation” and the like.

Did the Administration have a good plan going in? I don’t know — but whatever plan they might have had was overtaken by events. (my emphasis)

Excuse me? If one is invading a country with the expectation of occupying it for, oh, a few months or so, shouldn’t one have a pretty good plan in place taking into account all the variables (which are the pupal stage of “events”) that could come into play and which might result in things going awry?

This administration is more like the car-chasing dog that finally caught one and now doesn’t know what to do with it.

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