Endless vacation

It’s not as if he’s the Hardest Working Man in Politics:

…it’s good to know that George W. Bush has found time for a 500th vacation day, even as the ever-rising American death toll in Iraq reaches 628. (For all of you shrill semantic hair-splitters out there who divide war zone sacrifices into those that count and those that don’t, the toll of Americans killed in full-on combat action stands, at this writing, at 455. It’s no doubt rising even as I type this.)

And yet Bring ‘Em On Bush is taking it manfully in stride. As The Washington Post reports, “This is Bush’s 33rd visit to his ranch since becoming president. He has spent all or part of 233 days on his Texas ranch since taking office … Adding his 78 visits to Camp David and his five visits to Kennebunkport, Maine, Bush has spent all or part of 500 days in office at one of his three retreats, or more than 40 percent of his presidency.”

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