No Bush lovin’ in San Diego

Lead Letters to the Editor in San Diego:

I take exception to the March 19 letter to the editor stating that the electorate has a choice in the fall between the equivalent of Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain.

There is no way on God’s green earth that President Bush can be compared to Churchill. Not only was Churchill an outstanding orator but also he was a graduate of the Sandhurst Military Academy and fought courageously in India and Africa, participating in cavalry charges against the Dervishes at the battle of Omdurman. Churchill was captured during the Boer War in South Africa but escaped across enemy lines and became a national hero.

Bush has never participated in any military action. Kerry, however, bravely served his country in Vietnam, being awarded no less than three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for Valor.

The Alabama National Guard, meanwhile, was looking for Bush who was believed AWOL.

Yes, we do have a choice in the fall — between a coward and a decorated all-American hero who is more like Churchill than Bush will ever hope to be.

La Mesa

I think it is appropriate in every election to reflect on an American president’s accomplishments. President Bush is inextricably linked to the attacks on our soil. He should be allowed to run advertisements of the leadership he exhibited.

I think it is as appropriate that Democrats should be able to run advertisements examining his leadership. They should show the 600-plus body bags coming back from Iraq, the testimony of several of his former key Cabinet appointments and advisers. People should be informed how he has led character assassinations of dissenters.

Certainly, debate Sept. 11, but make sure that Americans understand that Bush’s leadership on terrorism and foreign policy has been lackluster and misguided, possibly creating an even more dangerous world in which to live, spreading terrorism to more nations.

His legacy may be that he created a dispersion of terrorism from Afghanistan to more nations than one coalition can destroy.

San Diego

Your editorial of March 25, “Task too important / Keep partisanship out of 9/11 probe” tries to make the important point that politics should be kept out of the commission’s proceedings. Unfortunately, the point is lost because of the partisanship in your editorial. You devoted two paragraphs to the partisanship of Democrat Jamie Gorelick but made no mention of the partisanship of any Republicans such as James Thompson.

San Diego

The judgment of history will be that the war in Iraq was not at all about Sept. 11, 2001, but all about November 2004.

San Diego

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