Blinding glimpse of the obvious

Kaus takes off his Kerry Tunnel Goggles&#153 and states what a lot of people have been saying for, oh, over a year:

The grimmest lesson of Fallujah? Will any democratic government we could conceivably leave behind in Iraq be strong enough to stop Sunni towns like Fallujah–filled with well-armed, well-trained America-hating young men–from becoming ongoing hotbeds of terrorist plotting? The lesson of recent events in Iraq would seem to be a pessimistic one in this regard. (You’d need a strong, non-American military force able to thoroughly police Fallujah and Tikrit. But the Iraqi national forces haven’t exactly proven to be a mighty hammer. And the Sunnis, in a loose federal system, seem unlikely to want to crack down on their own.) … That’s true even if the Marines are able to completely clean out the current Fallujah “vipers’ nest”–something that also looks increasingly unlikely, given the political pressure for a cease-fire. … It means that the Iraq War–even if we basically succeed in nation-building–could result in the creation of a new series of towns that –like the towns on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border–are a terrorist Petri dish. If that’s the outcome, then in one respect at least we will have succeeded in replacing one terror threat (Saddam) with another, no? …. 12:42 P.M.

Welcome to “No, duh” Nation, Mick….

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