The fictions of O’Reilly…besides what he says on Fox…

We’ll let local book editor Arthur Salm do the dirty work, since he gets paid for it:

An intruder has already beaten Ron Costello, chief White House correspondent for the Global News Network, to a pulp. “No network can help you now,” he tells him. Costello, lying on the ground, asks why he’s doing this.

“The intruder responded by savagely grabbing Ron Costello’s windpipe with his left hand and squeezing hard. Costello gasped, his mouth opening wide, blood trickling down his chin. The assailant’s right hand, now holding the oval base of the spoon, rocketed upward, jamming the stainless stem through the roof of Ron Costello’s mouth. The soft tissue gave way quickly and the steel penetrated the correspondent’s brain stem. Ron Costello was clinically dead in four seconds.”

Where to start? There’s the killer’s “savagely” grabbing the guy’s windpipe (why not “throat”?), which assures readers that he did not do so gently. The man was “clinically dead,” differentiating him from victims who are simply dead. There’s that teaspoon handle, which has not, to the best of our knowledge, been sharpened.

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