Well, we were wondering if she was a man too….


MISCHIEF [John Derbyshire]
Daniel Oliver Derbyshire, age 8, and his little friend Michael from next door, were permitted to play on the big computer in Dad’s office while Dad went off to fiddle with his tree house.

When Dad came back, he found that his Ann Coulter doll had been STRIPPED TO THE BUFF.

Oh, God. I’m not going to be able to handle my kids’ adolescence, I know I’m not.

I’m not too surprised that the little Derb indulged his curiousity, but I am a bit squicked out by the fact that Derbyshire would actually own up to owning a Coulter action figure. The again, Derbyshire does admit to having a treehouse too.

Just the idea of John… in his treehouse…alone with his Coulter doll…is enough to drive down property values within a three-state area.

As for the mini-Derb, after his Crying Game moment, one can only imagine the future therapy bills….

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