On the Internet no one knows you’re deluded..until you actually post something.

Found in the comments over at Right Wing News:

“Knocked Ben-Veniste and Kerry on their asses.”

No she didn’t. She paved them flat, ran them over with a steamroller, then stopped and backed over them. She was brilliant, and unapologetically shoved the BS that Ben-Veniste and Kerry were spewing right back down their throats. She left them redfaced and in full rhetorical retreat. Oh yes, and Dick Clarke is now officially political dog turd.

In a word, awesome.

by Mike_M on 2004-04-08 14:21:08

I’ve got to get me one of those Bizarro World TV’s…..

By the way, Hawkins seems to think that the families of the American soldiers killed in action should just suck it up. Also note that neither Yahoo (or AFP) mentions Viet Nam. Looks like the picture acted as a Rorschach for John.

I see a miserable failure.

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