After they crucified the bunny, they pelted him with marshmallow peeps. Just like in the Bible.

I have to be honest, Christianity in America has gotten so weird I don’t know if this is true or not:

What was supposed to be an Easter celebration for children reportedly turned into a demonstration of how Jesus Christ was crucified.

Several area residents were outraged by a performance sponsored by Glassport Assembly of God church Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

“It was absolutely horrendous,” Melissa Salzmann said. “We left after about 45 minutes, it was so bad.”

Residents quote performers as saying, “There is no Easter Bunny” and breaking eggs meant for an Easter egg hunt.

A portrayal of the Easter Bunny being whipped and tortured as the 12 stations of the cross reportedly was part of the show.

Some things in life just leave you speechless….

(Thanks to Jim)

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