Kennedy = terrorists

According to the Professor, if you criticize the President for getting us into unnecessary war (much like a certain one back in the sixties), well, you might just as well be a member of a terrorist organization:

But Kennedy is, as I suggested before, a major problem for the Democratic Party. The perception that the Democratic Party is home to anti-American sixties leftovers, after all, is the Democrats’ biggest weakness in national elections.

But Kennedy can count on at least some support. Amir Taheri quotes a leader of the Hezbollah terrorist organization as saying: “We may be unable to drive the Americans out of Iraq. But we can drive George W. Bush out of the White House.”

Sounds like he and Kennedy are reading from the same playbook.

Where Iraq is different from the Viet Nam war is that, during Viet Nam, many students stayed in college to avoid fighting while others who weren’t so lucky fought and died.

Looks like, in Bush’s war, it’s the Professors who’ve learned that lesson.

These men died, so he can blog.

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