Saying a “nasty dumb thing”. Yeah. It happens…

The Professor says:

I just noted Kos’s comments. And what bothered me about it wasn’t Kos. It was that Kos — who I used to think of as a reasonable if partisan lefty — seems to be infested with a degree of hatred that I previously associated with the Democratic Underground and other fringe sites.

As Michele Catalano notes, Kos said a nasty dumb thing, and everybody has noticed.

I don’t suppose anyone noticed who said this:

THE UNITED STATES SHOULD NOT TRY to play a “neutral arbiter” in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute. We should, in fact, be doing our best to make the Palestinians suffer until they change their ways, because, to put it bluntly, they are our enemies.

Yeah. All the Palestinians. Let’s round them up and put them in camps. Suffer the children too…the little America-hating bastards….

More “whoopsies” here.

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