But he said that he could read Rice’s body language, so he’s probably a liar or something….

It’s always bad news for the Bushies when Walter Pincus gets involved:

But the broad outline of Clarke’s criticism has been corroborated by a number of other former officials, congressional and commission investigators, and by Bush’s admission in the 2003 Bob Woodward book “Bush at War” that he “didn’t feel that sense of urgency” about Osama bin Laden before the attacks occurred.

In addition, a review of dozens of declassified citations from Clarke’s 2002 testimony provides no evidence of contradiction, and White House officials familiar with the testimony agree that any differences are matters of emphasis, not fact. Indeed, the declassified 838-page report of the 2002 congressional inquiry includes many passages that appear to bolster the arguments Clarke has made.

For example, Rice and others in the administration have said they implemented much more aggressive policies than those of Clarke and former president Bill Clinton. Rice said the Bush team developed “a comprehensive strategy that would not just roll back al Qaeda — which had been the policy of the Clinton administration — but we needed a strategy to eliminate al Qaeda.”

But in 2002, Rice’s deputy, Stephen J. Hadley, wrote to the joint committee that the new policy was exactly what Rice described as the old one. “The goal was to move beyond the policy of containment, criminal prosecution, and limited retaliation for specific attacks, toward attempting to ‘roll back’ al Qaeda.”

The joint committee’s declassified report, released last July, contains dozens of quotations and references to Clarke’s testimony, and none appears to contradict the former White House counterterrorism chief’s testimony last month. In its July 2003 report, the congressional panel cited Clark’s “uncertain mandate to coordinate Bush administration policy on terrorism and specifically on bin Laden.” It also said that because Bush officials did not begin their major counterterrorism policy review until April 2001, “significant slippage in counterterrorism policy may have taken place in late 2000 and early 2001.”

Eleanor Hill, staff director of the House-Senate intelligence committee inquiry, said last week that she heard some of Clarke’s March 24 presentation before the 9/11 commission and remembered his six-hour, closed-door appearance.

“I was there,” she said of Clarke’s 2002 testimony, “and without a transcript I can’t have a final conclusion, but nothing jumped out at me, no contradiction” between what he said last month and his testimony almost two years ago. She also noted that Rice refused to be interviewed by the joint intelligence panel, citing executive privilege.

It looks like Kitty Kevorkian, who is shamelessly using his position in the Senate to trade on terrorism fears for a buck, is full of shit.

Big surprise.

He’s almost as crappy a hitman as Marc Racicot.

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