Waving their little flags and stamping their little feet in mock outrage

Having had the asses handed to them in the past few weeks by Richard Clarke, the Right Wing Fighting Keyboarders are looking to lash out with some pent-up righteous anger about Kos’s comments about the mercenaries in Fallujah.

Give me a break.

We lose almost one American soldier a day in Iraq and if a warblogger mentions it at all (and nothing harshes a warblogger mellow like having to mention the loss of an American life as they sit comfortably at home in their computer cammies preaching online about how we should go kick some Iraqi ass) it’s too say, “How sad. But they served their country well…” before they get back to the heady business of indulging their inner-Tom Clancy.

Spare me your outrage. It’s as fake and phony as a Sean Hannity sentiment. Americans are dying because you bought whatever the Administration sold you, hook, line, and sinker. It’s one thing to be stupid, it’s quite another to be bloody stupid.

Digby has more about the “contractors”

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