How to become a good writer…as long as you condemn the sodomites, may their faggoty asses burn in Hell.

Marvin Olasky offers handy tips for being a good writer:

Evocative images, provocative thoughts, tension without pretension — that’s what makes for good writing. I’ve seen so much poor writing lately that, as a public service, I’ll offer some advice from great authors who also became fed up with pretentious prose. +

The Olasky tosses out a few quotes that he remembers from his godless college days which, if you took creative writing in college, well, you probably already know them by heart. Oddly he doesn’t link to some other writing tips (compliments of Atrios) that will help you become a divine writer:

Class one: explicit biblical embrace or condemnation. The Bible condemns homosexuality so clearly that only the most shameless of those who twist Scripture can try to assert the practice’s biblical acceptability. Biblical objectivity means showing the evil of homosexuality; balancing such stories by giving equal time to gay activists is ungodly journalism. Similarly, in an article showing the sad consequences of heterosexual adultery there is no need to quote proadultery sources.

Remember: it’s okay to be fair and unbalanced…

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