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Sullivan is a glass-is-half-full-when-my-own-ass-isn’t-on-the-line kind of guy:

THE MOGADISHU MOMENT: The appalling brutality in the Sunni Triangle yesterday was designed to have one simple effect: to encourage the West to abandon Iraq to the very people who perpetrated this atrocity. The methods are the same as Somalia. The response will be different. But it’s equally hard not to be worried by John Burns’ analysis in today’s NYT:

On Tuesday, before the Falluja attacks, General Kimmitt, the American military spokesman, appeared to back off at least somewhat from the emphasis on Islamic militants as the principal enemy. At a briefing, he offered an overview of the war in which he suggested that what has occurred, in effect, is a merging of the Saddamist insurgents and the Islamic terrorists into a common terrorist threat, and that, either way, “we just call them targets.”
Several Iraqis interviewed on Wednesday, including middle-class professionals, merchants and former members of Mr. Hussein’s army, suggested that that the United States might be facing a war in which the common bonds of Iraqi nationalism and Arab sensibility have transcended other differences, fostering a war of national resistance that could pose still greater challenges to the Americans in the months, and perhaps years, ahead.

All the more reason to maintain the deadline for the transition to self-rule, and to keep a close military and police alliance with the incoming government. I’m still an optimist – in the medium term. But the next two or three years could be brutal. We just got a taste of how brutal they could be.

First of all, Andrew, you didn’t get a taste of anything except a vanilla latte with a bit to much foam on top. Watching the news doesn’t make you a part of what happened in Falluja, just like watching baseball on TV doesn’t mean you have to start thinking about warming your arm up. Sitting safely at home and thinking “How very sad” isn’t participating. Check your clothes and see if any of them have a hint of Eau de Burned Flesh.

Secondly, isn’t the fact that the Iraqi people wouldn’t want us occupying their country one of the main reasons that those of us who didn’t want this stupid war cited back in those days prior to Shock & Awe & Bluster & Death? As someone once said: an attack on a soveriegn country will make the people of that country support their leader no matter how horrible, evil, or inept that person is.

Just look at what happened after 9/11.

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