Flipping and flopping out of the primordial ooze…

Wow. Even CNN is jumping on President Which Way Are The Polls Blowing:

Some previous Bush reversals in the face of criticism:

He argued a federal Department of Homeland Security wasn’t needed, then devised a plan to create one.

He resisted a commission to investigate Iraq intelligence failures, but then relented.

He also initially opposed the creation of the independent commission to examine if the 2001 attacks could have been prevented, before getting behind the idea under pressure from victims’ families.

He opposed, and then supported, a two-month extension of the commission’s work, after the panel said protracted disputes over access to White House documents left too little time.

He at first said any access to the president by the commission would be limited to just one hour but relaxed the limit earlier this month.

His supporters will say he is just “evolving”. Or, in his case, “creationing”…..

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