Have a beer. Rap is evil. Can I get you another beer? Gangsta rap is dangerous. One more for the road?

Bill O’Reilly, who hopes he dies before he becomes a minority, still has a hard-on about rapper Ludacris and he managed to find Abe Gustin, who owns “19 restaurants and 26 convenience stores throughout the USA” to talk about dropping Anheuser-Busch from his establishments to protest AB’s affiliation with the “gangster rapper” (a genre description rarely heard these days except in conversation with older white people who really miss Journey). Of course, Mr. Gustin didn’t make his decision to drop Budweiser and it’s beer brothers lightly. He talked to his priest about it first:

ABE GUSTIN, RESTAURANT OWNER: Well, I’ve had a marvelous association with Anheuser-Busch for about 16 years. And about three or four weeks ago, I don’t recall what the exact date was, I was watching your show, Bill, and saw the segment on Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship.

And I talked to a few friends about it, actually talked to a good priest about it that was a friend of mine. And said, you know, why doesn’t the Catholic church get involved in stopping all this? He said well, what are you going to do? And I said well it’s my intention to pull the products out of my restaurants. We have 19 restaurants. Three we’re in partnerships with. And my son and I – my two sons and I own the other 16 restaurants, which 12 happen to be Applebee’s.

So I decided after listening to this priest, that was a friend of mine, and he actual got on the pulpit and said, you know, someone has to take a stand against what corporate America is doing. And he said I’ve got a very good friend that is taking that stand. And he’s removing their products from his restaurants tomorrow.

Well, it so happened there was a gentleman in his audience that was with the news media. And he called me and he said I don’t believe you’re doing this. And I said well, this is one man’s approach that — at trying to speak up for the little man in America, that’s finally gotten tired of this. And I just felt somebody had to stand up and take a stance and say we’re tired of corporate America sponsoring immorality…

O’REILLY: Yes, I mean we…

GUSTIN: …we’re tired of Hollywood…

Gustin failed to mention whether he and his priest buddy discussed Coors or Miller Lite. (Warning: very cool pictures that Sister Mary Margaret might not approve of)

Thank the imaginary deity of your choice that they don’t use “gangsta rappers”….

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