Hookers…we need lots of hookers

The Republican Convention is coming up and that can only mean one thing…their quadrennial encounter with sex:

Washington’s power players are looking to show heartland delegates a good time at the Republican National Convention in New York City this summer, but it seems the Beltway insiders need a primer of their own about the city’s trendiest spots.

To help them plan the perfect parties, two D.C. insiders have brought down representatives from Manhattan-based Saxton Group/A-List Strategic (search) to meet with the would-be hosts and offer some advice about where to go and what to do in the Big Apple.

“[Lobbyists] know Washington, and they know it well, but can’t come into a new city, responsible for an entire company’s presence at the convention and not be prepared,” said GOP media consultant Monty Warner. “I don’t think people realize how close it’s coming on.”


“We know where all of the A-lists hotspots in New York are, we know the things about the city that lobbyists, lawmakers and others outside of New York aren’t going to know,” said O’Sullivan, whose group met with 75 lobbyists in Washington, D.C., earlier this month to help them get organized.

“We provide the city landscape, we know who the players are. We know the things that lawmakers and lobbyists outside of New York aren’t going to know,” he said.

O’Sullivan’s firm will craft a guest list of “must” invites for a successful New York soiree. It will also handle decisions on locations, security, transportation, invitations, public relations and even servers.

“From soup to nuts,” O’Sullivan said. “We’re in the middle of proposing a bunch of things for people who have hired us to do what we know how to do, and that’s how to make a big splash.”

Some Republicans admit that their reputation as stiff and formal may make it more difficult to launch a successful event in Manhattan, especially coming from the Capitol, which is known as the base of political power and influence, but criticized as parochial and uptight.

“It’s a different animal — you go outside the Beltway and don’t know what is going on,” said Republican pollster Jim McLaughlin, who is based just outside of New York City. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know a good time when they see it.

“I was a young Republican once. The joke was we date Democrats but marry Republicans,” he said.

Keelan added that while millions of dollars will be pumped into the main event, the companies and associations holding the hundreds of sideshows and parties are there to make an impression and are counting on their events to succeed.

“You could end up with a lot of egg on your face,” he said.

So, you see, there’s something for everybody…even Matt Drudge.

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