Well, it looks like we’ve finally established the price…

In case you’re wondering what’s the going rate for a dream date with Mickey Kaus and his bag of Kerry attacks:

Please Go Back on Vacation, Part I: Kerry’s back from Idaho, and his campaign’s crack “rapid response” team has produced a 100% posturing condemnation of Bush’s joke about failing to find WMD’s, which Bush made at last night’s black-tie broadcast correspondents’ dinner. (“‘This cheapens the sacrifice that American soldiers and their families are dealing with every single day'” says Kerry’s release, quoting an Iraq veteran.)

I was at the dinner last night as a guest of, yes, FOX News, and I thought Bush’s jokes were funny and self-mocking–maybe the closest he’s come to actually admitting upfront that he was simply wrong in thinking the WMD’s were there.

I bet they didn’t even have to supersize his dinner.

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