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Just about every blog (here’s some good stuff) is already on Rice’s appearance on 60 Minutes tonight (which I found less interesting than the other piece on Freddy Adu which was pretty cool) so I only have a few things to say about the interview.

I didn’t hear Rice say anything that hadn’t been said by Scott McClellan during the past week. I don’t think she hurt herself, other than her comments that she would like to testify but can’t, which is yet another lie, but she didn’t help her case either. Having said that, I’d like to change my mind about what I said about Rice the other day when I said I wanted to see her under the lights and testifying under oath.

I don’t want Rice to testify now. I think she does more damage to the Bush Administration by avoiding the 9/11 panel at a time when the Bush re-election strategy is to run on their 9/11 response and the war on terrorism. The more she avoids testifying, the more it looks like they are hiding something. I don’t know if they are hiding something (other than incompetence) or not, but it is the appearance of secretiveness that is causing them to take on water.

Our number one goal is to make this administration go away. We can look into the missteps of 9/11 later.

Stay in the bunker, Condi.

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