I know that checkstand 3 needs a managers okay, but my country needs me now!

Thanks to crasspastor, may I introduce you to:

Justin Darr- Retail manager by day… “political philosopher” by night.

Oh hell, let’s just let Justin introduce himself:

Justin Darr is a veteran retail manager from the Philadelphia area where he lives with this wife, Erin, twin children Brandon and Brittany, three mice, two cats, and a spoiled dog named Xena. He grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania were he learned the values of hard work, honesty, family, and the downfalls of Liberalism

Justin is an expert in political philosophy, western world history, and the development of American society. He has worked on various political campaigns at all levels, served as an election official to verify ballot counts, and is a well know “aggressive debater” to all that know him. He is also a fountain of relatively useless knowledge do(sic) to years of University study.

He considers himself the hottest new conservative writer on the web so book mark this page and you can say you knew him before he was famous! His writing will definitely make you think, probably make you laugh, and possibly p*** you off.

Okay, I don’t want to be cruel (actually I do, but it’s almost Sunday and I don’t think the Pope would approve) so I will just offer “the hottest new conservative writer” a small piece of advice:

A bit of anonymity and mystery would go a long way…

Here’s a sample of what “will definitely make you think, probably make you laugh, and possibly p*** you off:

Well, it is that time of year again. All the little liberal elves are busy in their Berkley workshops trying to find new ways to take all the fun out of the Holidays for normal people.

For the last two years the Liberal assault has been focused on that red vested oppressor of the masses, Santa.

Why are Liberals opposed to the Jolly Ole Elf? “Santa lords his wealth over the proletariat by giving gifts out to kids!” “What has Santa done for AIDS research?” “Santa discriminates against same sex couples because he only visits people with kids!” “Santa should be charged with have(sic) crimes against the naughty!” Or maybe he just looks too much like Rush Limbaugh before he lost all that weight.

There are three main reasons for this new annual event of cultural destruction. The first we all know well: Liberals hate any form of ethics or moral code that tries to differentiate right from wrong (or should I say right from left?) Secular Humanist philosophy is based on a crude pleasure/pain principal. If it feels good do it; if it causes the least bit of inconvenience then there should be a law against it (and the obligatory formation of a new government agency.) And, unfortunately for Christians, the gentle ethics and morals of Jesus Christ are indeed a little inconvenient. Why how can you properly enjoy the NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) with some bozo Deity telling you that it is wrong to rape children!

The second reason is subtler. Many Liberals are fundamentally unhappy people. To their minds, children singing Christmas carols is not harmless enjoyment but a bitter reminder of the Christmas when they were 8 and only got a bunch of hemp necklaces from their parents.


That just sucks.

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