Steel cage smackdown

After reading this transcript of Condoleeza Rice on American Morning, I would pay good money to see her meet Clarke on live TV to “hash out” their memories pre-9/11. Rice twice sticks it to Clarke:

But what’s very interesting is that, of course, Dick Clarke was the counterterrorism czar in 1998 when the embassies were bombed. He was the counterterrorism czar in 2000 when the Cole was bombed. He was the counterterrorism czar for a period of the ’90s when al Qaeda was strengthening and when the plots that ended up in September 11 were being hatched.


I will say this: Dick Clarke was the counterterrorism czar when attacks took place in ’98 from al Qaeda and in 2000 from al Qaeda, when plots were hatched against the United States by al Qaeda. He has a different view of how to fight the war on terrorism. It is a narrow view that it has to do with killing bin Laden and dealing with Afghanistan. The president has a broader view, which is that you have to take the fight to the terrorists. We have eliminated their base in Afghanistan. We have freed 25 million Afghans.

Rice forgets to mention who was the National Security Advisor on 9/11/2001 and who was playing golfcart Dale Evans in Crawford, Texas for the month of August proceeding the attack.

The buck stops…somewhere other than her office.

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