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Richard Clarke outs Condoleeza Rice as an incompetent:

WASHINGTON – President Bush (news – web sites)’s national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice (news – web sites), “looked skeptical” when she was warned early in 2001 about the threat from al-Qaida and appeared to never have heard of the terrorist organization, according to Bush’s former counterterrorism coordinator.

Her facial expression gave me the impression that she had never heard the term before,” wrote Richard A. Clarke in a new book — “Against All Enemies” — that is scathingly critical of Bush’s response to the 2001 terror attacks against New York and Washington. The Associated Press obtained a copy of Clarke’s book before its Monday publication.

Clarke said Rice, who previously worked for Bush’s father, appeared not to recognize post-Cold War security issues and effectively demoted him within the national security council. He said Rice has an unusually close relationship with Bush, which “should have given her some maneuver room, some margin for shaping the agenda.”

Rice responds with an Op-Ed here, of which the short version is:

It’s not my fault. Clinton let the hijackers in. Everyone else is a liar. I’m a doctor.

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