White dopes on punk

Dude. These guys are so edgy:

Mr. Rizzuto is the founder of Conservative Punk, one of a handful of Web sites and blogs that have sprung up recently as evidence of a heretofore latent political entity: Republican punks. With names like GOPunk, Anti-Anti-Flag and Punkvoter Lies, the sites are a curious blend of Karl Rove and Johnny Rotten, preaching personal responsibility and reflexive patriotism with the in-your-face zeal of a mosh pit. When he’s not banging his head to the Misfits, the Vandals or the Bouncing Souls, for example, Mr. Rizzuto spends his time writing essays denouncing Michael Moore and “left-wing propaganda,” and urging other conservative punks to join his cause.

“Punk has been hijacked by an extreme left-wing element,” Mr. Rizzuto said. “It’s blame America first. Everything is America’s fault, and everything is Bush’s fault.” Mr. Rizzuto said his goal “is rallying conservative punks and getting people to vote.”

I remember when they used to call “conservative punks” skinheads.

While Conservative Punk does not have a roster of bands exactly, it has inspired the interest and involvement of a consortium of conservatives with proper punk credentials, like Michale Graves, a former singer for the Misfits, who writes a column for Mr. Rizzuto’s site. Mr. Graves regularly performs wearing a skull mask and is known for belting out lyrics like: “A fever rots/The brain goes numb inside/I feel a blackout coming/The boiled blister pops inside.” He allows that he doesn’t fit the profile of your average red-state Republican.

“I look like someone who should be hanging out with Marilyn Manson — in fact I have hung out with Marilyn Manson,” Mr. Graves said. “It doesn’t affect what my morals are.”

“I think George Bush is a wonderful, competent leader,” he added. “And I believe that he is bringing this country on a right and just course and he understands the true nature of evil.”

The fact that he’s proud of having hung out with a ho-hum shockrocker like Marilyn Manson, who only upsets people like Joe Lieberman, tells you all you need to know about Graves. I’m sure all the little twelve year-olds think he’s pretty cool, though. Ooooo, scary.

Now, this guy is pretty funny:

Andrew Heidgerken, the founder of GOPunk and the proud owner of metal-spiked leather jacket with “G.O.P.,” “N.R.A.” and “U.S.A.” on the sleeves and a portrait of Ronald Reagan on the back, said he took special pleasure in the unpopularity of his views among other punks. “I can tell you the part of punk we like,” he said. “The willingness to speak out even if it annoys people, shouting at anyone who’ll listen.” Mr. Heidgerken is not beyond using traditional means to annoy people; he’s currently running for committeeman from his Chicago neighborhood.

Here’s a picture of GOPunk Heidgerken.

And here is a bit of his “philosophy“:

I thought all punks were anarchists. What’s your deal?

In a perfect world, anarchy would be a fine system of government; everyone could do as they pleased, and that would be that. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world, chock-full of Saddam Husseins, Muammer el-Qaddafis, and Hillary Rodham Clintons. The only way to protect ourselves is to utilize a somewhat more sophisticated system than anarchy; ideally a system strong enough to protect us from internal and external threats, yet limited enough to prevent infringement on our personal freedoms.

The Democrats are supposed to be the party of the people. Shouldn’t you be supporting them?

Let’s make one thing clear: today’s Democratic Party is a vile socialist organization, thriving on hate, fear, and class-warfare. The upper echelons of the DNC are the ultimate social parasites; they can only thrive at your expense. If you’re not suffering, they can’t benefit. Welfare, universal health care, unions, and many other Democrat favorites are all fine sounding ideas that actually do nothing except increase the government’s control of you and your family.

As Joe Strummer once sang:

‘N’ every gimmick hungry yob digging gold from rock ‘n’ roll
Grabs the mike to tell us he’ll die before he’s sold
But i believe in this-and it’s been tested by research
That he who f***s nuns will later join the church

Looks like someone sold out before they ever knew they were for sale….

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