A bad day to run out of ‘sic’s

Eric Alterman gets all the cool emails:

Name: Barry Evans
Hometown: Healdsburg
Altman, where do you get off saying that the war on Iraq was not about terrorism? Rather than accuracy you spew lies (along with Rep Waxman). Why do you not recall or identify the threats and plot to assasinate the 1st Bush as acts of terroism?

The natural progress for Kerry’s socialism agenda is on to fascism, which will result in the demise of our democracy and freedoms.

Additionally, terrorists have sought and recieved protection in Hussen’s rogue regimen. Isn’t the killing and torturing of his own people what terroist’s would do? The socialists in Viet Nam did the same as what is now happening in Iraq and Spain. They killed and wounded innocent civilians, without hesitation to achieve their goal of control. These socialst actions remind me of the Democratic Party’s hate mongering rhetoric and unsubstanciated tirades against Bush.

Please explain why the action of terroism in Spain was planned and supported by its socialist party?

You may fool some of the people most of the time, but you will not fool me with your guiled rhetoric!

Let freedom ring, and may we all carry the banner of freedom and peace. Our flag is a symbol of our committment to world-wide freedom from oppressors.

You see, this is what happens when you get in the habit of typing with one hand because…well, let’s not get into that….

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