Appearances can be deceiving

No matter what this looks like:

suicide bomber blew up a car Thursday near a hotel in the southern city of Basra as a British military patrol passed by, killing three bystanders — the latest in a series of attacks just before the anniversary of the start of the war.

In other strikes, three Iraqi journalists were gunned down northeast of Baghdad while eight Marines were wounded in a mortar attack near Fallujah. Two Iraqis were killed in the flash-point city in a gunfight that followed the attack, according to eyewitnesses.

Also, the U.S. military said three soldiers were killed in overnight rocket attacks on two bases, bringing the death toll on the eve of the invasion anniversary to at least 567, according to the Pentagon.

…it is not, I repeat, NOT a quagmire.

It only looks like one if your eyes are open.

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