I love you…you love me

It’s a circle jerk at the Corner Corral :

What the world needs now is the love, sweet love that’s in The Corner.
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MODESTY CONT’D [Jonah Goldberg]
I’m not sure I deserve any praise on that score, but I’ll take it with gratitude. Kathryn, on the other hand deserves all praise including that praise only voiced in parallel universes, alternative dimensions and bizarro worlds.
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MODESTY [Rick Broookhiser]
Kathryn and Jonah were too modest to highlight the heart felt plug I gave them in my New York Observer column for their efforts to highlight Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian voices, so here it is.
For hearing Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi voices, the best forum is the blogosphere. I have to praise Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Lopez of National Review Online, even though they are my friends. They serve the function that The New York Review of Books did for Eastern European dissidents in the last days of the Soviet empire: letting them speak truth to indifference, with the result that the indifferent become concerned.

In the most important struggle in the world now and for years to come, these are heroes in one of the most important fronts. We cannot listen to them, praise them, help them too much.

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Isn’t it too cute how they all build up each other’s self esteem. It’s just like hug time at fat camp.

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