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Dick Cheney:

If John Kerry had been in charge during last year’s Iraq war and the 1991 Gulf War, Saddam Hussein would still be in control of Iraq and Kuwait, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Wednesday.

John Kerry’s military record.

Dick Cheney’s record.

…and since the Republicans are getting all snippy about fighting terror:

House Speaker Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said Spain was “a nation who succumbed … to threats of terrorism, changed their government.”

“Here’s a country who stood against terrorism and had a huge terrorist act within their country, and they chose to change their government and to, in a sense, appease terrorists,” Hastert said.

Added GOP Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois, chairman of the House International Relations Committee: “The vote in Spain was a great victory for al-Qaida.”

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, expressed his condolences to the people of Spain, particularly to the victims of last week’s deadly railway bombings in Madrid. But DeLay said he hoped Zapatero will come to believe in the U.S. position — “that Iraq is central to winning” the fight against terrorism.

…see if you can match up the correct Republican name with their “What did you do in the war, Daddy?” story:

1. Dennis Hastert
2. Tom DeLay
3. Henry Hyde

A. Too busy wrecking homes
B. Teaching wrestling
C. The negroes took all the good military jobs

No peeking…

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