If Nixon said it, it must be true….

No Republican is too dead (hear that Jesse Helms?…oh, wait…) to be brought out to attack John Kerry:

The Nixon tapes, the gift that keeps giving. As reported by NBC News last night, this exchange occurred in 1972 between President Richard Nixon and aide Charles Colson about Vietnam War protester John Kerry:

Colson: This fellow Kerry that they had on last week —

Nixon: Yeah.

Colson: Hell, he turns out to be, uh, really quite a phony.

Nixon: Well, he is sort of a phony, isn’t he?

Colson: Well, he stayed, when he was here —

Nixon: Stayed out in Georgetown.

Colson: You know, he’s just, the complete opportunist.

Nixon: A racket, sure.

Colson: We’ll keep hitting him, Mr. President.

As we all know, Colson later went on to find Jesus. Nixon tried to, but fell a little bit short and little south if the theologians are to be believed, and, hey, when have they ever been proved wrong?

(Thanks to Anna)

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