Make up sex

Recently, because of the President’s endorsement of the No Homo Marriage constitutional amendment, Andy Sullivan has been treating George Bush as if he were an unfaithful lover; a cad, a heel, a no-good two-timing sonuvabitch…shriek!!! …I’m going home to mother. I hate you. I hate you!!!….

But, with the big boom in Spain, Andy is feeling a bit more kindly to the big lug, because nothing quite girds Andy’s loins like war and terrorism and Islamofacism running rampant:

3/11: The citizens of Spain stand together against Islamist terror. Meanwhile, U.S. forces look for al Qaeda terrorists in North Africa. This is a war, Senator Kerry, not a law enforcement operation.

Look for Andy to ignore the fact that troops and intelligence were pulled off the al-Qaeda beat to go to work on those WMD’s in Iraq.

Love is blind, don’cha know.

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