Last time the due diligence was this bad, Dick Cheney picked a corrupt CEO to be a Vice Presidential nominee

Who the heck is checking out the White House nominees these days?

Six months after promising to create an office to help the nation’s struggling manufacturers, President Bush settled on someone to head it, but the nomination was being reconsidered last night after Democrats revealed that his candidate had opened a factory in China.

Several officials said the nomination may be scrapped because of the political risk but said that had not been decided. Bush’s opponent, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), has made job losses his chief point of attack, and some administration officials feared the nomination could hand him fresh ammunition.

In late afternoon, the administration announced that the new assistant secretary of commerce for manufacturing and services would be named at a ceremony this morning. Industry officials were told that the job would go to Anthony F. Raimondo, chairman and chief executive of a Nebraska company that makes metal buildings and grain silos.

But Kerry’s campaign, tipped off about the impending nomination several hours earlier, hastened to distribute news reports that Raimondo’s firm, Behlen Manufacturing Co. of Columbus, Neb., had laid off 75 U.S. workers in 2002, four months after announcing plans for a $3 million factory in northwest Beijing.

Note to Andy Card: next time, when the resume says “References on request”….request them.

…and speaking of nominees:

The Bush administration dropped efforts yesterday to shift James G. Roche from heading the Air Force to heading the Army, acknowledging that his nomination had become so mired in controversy over a cadet sex scandal and a potential deal with Boeing Co. to lease tanker aircraft that Congress was unlikely to act on the appointment this year.

The admission of defeat highlighted the difficulties confronting the administration in trying to put both controversies behind it. Roche’s nomination as Army secretary, presented last spring as a way to bring energetic new leadership to that service, instead drew congressional ire at the Pentagon’s inattention, questionable judgments and resistance to demands for internal documents. (my emphasis)

Here’s a picture of the “energetic new leader”, James Roche.

Can’t you just feel the energy?

Wait. It’ll happen.

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