Topless march a bust….

I’m sure I’m not the only one to come up with that one:

A demonstration billed as a topless march to protest anti-nudity laws has drawn in thousands of curious spectators but only a handful of marchers.

Organisers had expected 1,000 topless women to march down Main Street in Daytona Beach and voice their outrage over the arrest of women who bare their breasts during spring break events. Local officials say hundreds of women are carted off to jail each year for exposing their breasts on the beach, in bars and on the streets.

But after a federal judge refused to stop police from arresting female protesters who doffed their tops, only about 50 women made the march.

And only one, organiser Liz Book, took off her shirt. Book was immediately arrested and taken to jail, though a bare-chested man who marched was unmolested.

Again, I apologize for the headline…

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