“And may I say Matt, you are a fine specimen of a man. And I love that hat!”

Don’t you just love Mat Drudge’s fake quotes?:

“He was severely addicted to prescription pain killers,” an insider tells the DRUDGE REPORT. “He probably got them from a variety of sources. But unlike Rush Limbaugh, he was never prosecuted! His records do not appear to have been seized nor were his doctors’ offices raided. Talk about friend of the court!”

He did lose his job though. Is that part of Rush’s plea bargain?

From Limbaugh:

Drudge: Judge In Palm Beach Hooked on Oxycontin,
Rehab, Removed From Bench; No Criminal Probe

An very interesting Palm Beach story reported by Matt Drudge…

…in other words: See! See! Everyone does them!

This weekend Judge Robert Schwartz jumps off a cliff. Rush to follow…

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